How to register at Chinese MIUI so you can backup online.


butterkitty posted this in the comments:
“You can also go to for the english version of the signup…confirmed working for the backup app =^.^”
BAM! No more reading Chinese!


Original post:

As you all know I’m a big MIUI fan. Every friday they release an update to their already awesome rom where they make it… even more awesome.

People using this rom might have noticed that MIUI actually offers an online back-up service. Doesn’t that sound great? The biggest problem: you have to register at the main page of MIUI, which is in Chinese.

Now: I don’t know how to read Chinese and google translate manages to fail at it as well (thank god I’m not alone, thanks google). So I’ll tell you how to register at the chinese site!


Go here:


You will see this:

From top to bottom it says:

– Email
– Password
– Password again
– Nickname
– Device

You leave QQ blank and press the Chinese button.


You’ll get this:

Google translate translates this (try to say that ten times) to:

Registered users of the forum on the new mail-enabled authentication. Verification message has been sent to your mailbox, please e-mail provided to activate your account.

If you do not receive the mail (some mail will return this error message as spam), clickControl Panel Forum “re-verify the validity of Email, “or try to replace another address.

The complete activation, you can not post and downloading operations. Activation is successful, the limit will automatically be canceled.

In short: you’ll get an e-mail with a link you have to click to verify your account.


Go to your e-mail. You’ll see something like this:

It’s easy: click the first blue link.


Done! You now have a Chinese MIUI account you can use to back-up your device in the cloud!

Important: it’s unknow what MIUI does with the data you provide them (by backing-up). So I won’t advice you to back-up your contacts or important private information!

Thanks to Fllash at for the translation.



  1. butterkitty

    You can also go to for the english version of the signup…confirmed working for the backup app =^.^

  2. Also me. It works, it registred me, but not working login from my phone.

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