Day One (1.1) review

Greeting my fellow tech/design lovers!

I got something pretty cool for you guys (and girls): are you seated?


(ok, now that the shock is over we can continue).

Day One discribes itself as (and I quote) “The easiest to use journal / diary / text logging application for the Mac”. Is this so? We will find out right after the break!

Ok, I fooled you… there is no break. Anyhow. I’ll be serious from now on. I promise.


Day One is a neat little application that runs in your statusbar (mac users: look up and right). It looks like this. To be honest, the application looks amazing! It’s b-e-a-utiful. Take a look at the main screen above this paragraph.

Don’t be shy, admit that it looks good!

ease of use

We want this app to be easy right? We don’t want to open a lot of stuff and scroll and click and scroll some more, just to insert a post in your diary. Remember the little ribbon thingy I showed you before? Well, click on that and a neat little box will pop-open (it actually slides downwards). Type what you want to type et voila. Finished.

Other than that it’ll poke you every two hours to remind you that you have to write something. Don’t worry you can turn this killing feature off if you want to.

Another great feature is that if you are lucky enough to have an iPhone (don’t steal kids, it’s illegal), you can download the (also not free) app from the market and sync it with your mac through dropbox. On the good side: dropbox is free… (AND AWESOME).


Unfortunately this application is not free (insert sad face here).

It’s 8 euro’s (± 10 dollars) in the mac App store, $0.99 in the iOS store.

The Verdict!

To be honest I love this program. I tend to forget A LOT and this makes my life a bit easier. I do feel and think this application is a bit overpriced. 10 bucks for a diary is a fair amount of money. People with an integrated graphics card AND a low-battery-intel graphics card: the main screen of Day One triggers the dedicated graphics card, but the quick compose ribbon thingy does not.

Nevertheless I’ll give it a big fat 8!!



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