Pod a Porter, cary your iPod shuffle like a Boss…

To quote the manufacturers site:

Don’t let unruly wires get between you and your music. Pod à porter is the easiest way to wear your music, and it’s now available for the iPod shuffle 4th generation.

Manufactured from tough but flexible, 3D-printed polyamide, Pod à porter is ultralight and has a finely textured surface finish; each ordered product is manufactured just for you. It fits the iPod shuffle 4th generation and its earbuds, leaving all controls accessible.

In short: it’s a way to cary your ipod shuffle (4th gen) around your neck. It’s made in such a way that the wires don’t strangle up. Plus it’s 3D-printed, isn’t that awesome?

It’s only $29,50 / €19,88 and you can get it here or at shapeways.

I know I have been posting a lot of apple related stuff, next post will be android or design, I PROMISE!!


One comment

  1. I can’t seem to properly browse this site from my droid!!!!

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